Another word that starts with A is ANXIETY.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

~ Brené Brown


Another word that starts with A is ANXIETY.

I’ve struggled with anxiety, it definitely feels far from living my life Authentically and Fully Alive.

Recently I had forgotten some of the daily rituals and practices that bring me back to living my life authentically.

A few weeks ago, there I was, doing everything and more. The problem is I always have a giant to-do list, and I keep adding more to it each day thinking I’ll get it done, never completing it.

My strategy worked for a while. I got those satisfying hits of dopamine every time I checked off a box. But eventually just checking off boxes didn’t feel good enough – I wanted to finish the WHOLE list everyday (which I now know is unrealistic!)

My quality time spent with my son and husband suffered. My time for my SELF suffered. I was always thinking about that list, and I wasn’t present anymore.

So there I am, doing, doing, doing. When out of no where a tightness seeped in to my throat. It came from holding my breath trying to “GET ALL THE THINGS DONE,” and it didn’t go away when I ticked off the boxes. I got scared thinking my throat muscles were going to spasm and cramp indefinitely – which made it WORSE! The tightness stayed in my throat for a whole week, and I got SCARED.

I know you’re thinking, why don’t you just take your CBD Tincture?? Oh believe me, I did. Our CBD Tincture on its own would help like a bandaid temporarily, but it didn’t address the underlying issues.

I began to reach out for help. Which wasn’t easy because everyone reacts differently when we talk about mental health. I got lots of great advice from my husband, friends, mentors and my counselor.

After getting to the heart of the issue, giving myself some space, establishing healthy boundaries, and letting go of people pleasing and perfectionism, the anxiety is dissipating.

What helps me the most?

  •  Set work hours
  •  Set family time
  • Being present
  • Journaling
  • Meditating
  • Calling a friend

What are your daily practices that help you embrace your Authenticity?✨