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Pain Stick

Hemp Oil, Arnica, Shea Butter, and Menthol Crystals work together to create a powerful product that fights inflammation and brings long-lasting pain relief.

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Unclouded Headache Relief Roller

If headaches are getting in between you & the life you want, we’re here to help!

The Unclouded Headache Relief Roller is the perfect combination of natural essential oils and full spectrum hemp oil designed to give you instant, long-lasting headache and neck pain relief.

We’ve paired full spectrum oil with essential oils including peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender for an unparalleled pain-relieving experience.

Relief Time Bath Soak

The Relief Time Bath Soak is uniquely handmade and formulated to provide your body with relaxation and pain relief with our unique salt base ingredients. 

Me First - Sexy Time Suppositories

Sexy Time Suppositories

You’ll enjoy putting your pleasure front and center with these Sexy Time Suppositories. Specially formulated to enhance your intimate moments with your pleasure partner!

The all-natural oils are carefully selected to lubricate your sensitive intimate areas and increase your arousal, while easing any discomfort.

Moon Time Bath Soak

The Moon Time Soak is a restorative blend made to help you reset your rhythm, shift your mood, sooth pain and discomfort, and restore your peace.


Sleep Tincture

Toss and turning at night? It’s no secret that a poor night’s sleep can negatively impact your memory, mood, weight, and ability to learn. 

This Sleep Tincture is formulated with full-spectrum oil and soothing botanicals to help you relax at the end of a long day.

Why use a tincture? A tincture is an extract of herbs, plants, and flowers that, when administered as drops. 

Sexy Time Bath Soak

Seduce the senses and elevate your mood with this rejuvenating, fragrant bath soak. 

The Sexy Time Bath Soak is designed for a pre-pleasure soak to help you de-stress, and turn on your sensual goddess energy.

Calm Tincture

Our Calm Tincture has the highest quality natural ingredients, blended for maximum wellness benefits and with you in mind! It combines pure, potent hemp oil with sustainably sourced MCT oils to help combat normal daily stressors.

Moon Time Suppositories

At that time of the month when you may feel down or uncomfortable, Me First Moon Time suppositories are created to soothe cramps, melt away tension, relieve any swelling, and uplift your mood during your Moon Time.


Original Tinctures

Restore Balance with our Full-Spectrum hemp oil tincture. We use only the purest, highest quality hemp oil and ingredients to bring you a full-spectrum tincture that is completely natural, and effective.

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