Unclouded Headache Relief Roller

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  • Total CBD: 200mg
  • Weight: 10mL
  • Full-Spectrum CBD

Relief Within Minutes!

For all the headache, migraine and neck tension sufferers out there, this product is for you! Take this roller ball with you everywhere you go.

We crafted this potent CBD formula headache roll-on, made from our powerful blend of ingredients to deliver a super effective product that can help melt away tension.

Our unique roller ball applicator targets pressure points around the hairline, neck, shoulders, and décolletage that soothes stress, relieves tension, and provides headache relief – whether we’re on the go – or Netflix and chilling at home!

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Common Uses: Can help reduce tension and stress naturally. Provides Cooling Relaxation and Comfort.

Suggested Usage: Apply as desired to locations along hairline, neck, neckline, clavicles, and shoulders for extra cooling, relaxation, and tension relief.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender

WARNING: Begin with SMALL AMOUNT and avoid application near eyes, start with a little near forehead hairline or the neck. Test results after 10 minutes. Increase application when necessary. Peppermint and menthol can make sensitive eyes water. Keep out of reach of children.

9 reviews for Unclouded Headache Relief Roller

  1. Diane

    I love this so much that I sometimes use it when I don’t even have a headache and just want to enjoy the cool, relaxing sensation. It definitely keeps a headache at bay and is a good thing to keep in your arsenal if you suffer from frequent headaches.

  2. Airoh

    I am someone who struggles with chronic migraines and I have a constant mild headache. This product helps a lot with mild headaches and can be a nice addition to pain medication for relief of migraines. The essential oils provide a nice cooling sensation, and I am someone who is bothered easily by smells when I have a migraine and I did not mind it.

  3. Jason

    I like this roller, it helped relieve my headaches and like the smell, it is a bit strong though. Will purchase again.

  4. Gina

    Amazing product. I suffer from headaches and this product helps so much. I also love the scent, so refreshing!

  5. Nancy

    I absolutely love this roller! Whenever I feel a headache or migraine coming on, I roll it in my temples, forehead and back on neck. Love it!

  6. Cathy V.

    I love the Headache Relief CBD Roller. The smell is nice, it has the right amount of warm/cooling sensation and I notice relief from my tight neck and shoulders, and headaches. This is a staple in my pain relief routine.

  7. Sabrina

    This product actually dose what is says it’s going to do. I love how potent and instant it is. Would highly recommend. A little bit goes a long way so it will last long as well!

  8. Annabelle

    Great roller, the refreshing mint feeling is so strong it helps you forget about your headache. I use it all the time and apply on my neck and temples.

  9. Stacy S.

    I love this headache relief cbd roller, both my dad and I use it. He suffers from intense headaches/migranes and it gives him some relief. 5 stars ????

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