We Are Up and Running!!

Hi My Lovelies!!

We have finally gotten our website up and running again, and have begun our blog!

We’ve been on hiatus from our Instagram and have been developing other aspects of our business foundation. We’ve also gotten clear with our goals and this has transferred over to having a clear vision for our website finally. We’re thankful for all our clients’ patience so far, and are super excited to be back!!

As you may know, the goal of our company is to build a community for women so we can support each other through thick and thin, to be our best selves, and accomplish anything we want to create in our lives.

So in this blog, we’ll be posting about almost anything and everything! From self care tips, health and fitness, to career goals and relationships with our kids, we’ll be covering it all!

If you have anything you’d like us to post about, please feel free to message us with suggestions! We’d be happy to cover new topics and have interesting discussions about them.

We’re looking forward to creating our Virtual Community!!


Women's arms all touching in a circle