Who else is a HOARDER or recovering hoarder!!?

I don’t know about you, but when I see clutter, I get stressed out.

It doesn’t help that I am a “recovering hoarder” and I’m addicted to buying everything in bulk!

Toothpaste? I’ll take 10 of those…. Oooh Loofas? I need 8 of those! My tiny apartment was bursting at the seams. It doesn’t help that my son loves to keep everything he has for “Just in case,” or, “Mom, I’ll play with it, I promise.” Wonder where he got that from…


Fast forward to today, I’ve learned that clutter can have a HUGE affect on our minds.

  •  It distracts our minds away from what we could be focusing on.
  • It pumps our minds with excessive stimuli, working our senses overtime.
  • It tells our brains that there’s ALWAYS work.
  • This, in turn, causes stress! Making it difficult for us to relax.


The list goes on and on.

So I have made it a mission of mine to declutter my home by donating or tossing things out that I haven’t touched in a year

Drawn graphic of keeping or getting rid of personal items

I started out with a commitment that was doable for me. I began by going through my closet just 20 minutes a day after work. It’s amazing how many items I owned and thought, “I think I’ll wear this one day,” and discovered I still hadn’t worn that item a few years later! After my closet, I’d spend 10 minutes going over the rest of my apartment. Surprisingly, by just putting away 1 or 2 items on the kitchen counter, it looked less crowded.

After a week, my home began to have more space, and I could feel my body hold less tension. After the 2nd week, my home became really organized, and I had a much easier time keeping it that way. I kept remembering, “Every item has a home.”

Many of the items I cleared from my home I donated to a local charity. It made getting over “The Organization Hump” a lot easier, knowing my stuff would be going to someone who needed it, rather than living in the back of my closet or cabinet.

There are so many different donation spots, I’d love to learn more about the good ones to expand my list. Which are your favourite charities to donate to, and why? Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!